Save Game Review: Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D


“I know that the Nintendo 3DS boasts a wide range of bells and whistles, but I still strongly believe that these simple press-and-play platformers are a portable console’s bread and butter.”

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Save Game Review: Injustice Gods Among Us


“Remember when fighting games would unceremoniously pin a lineup of diverse characters to the selection screen and a competitive dynamic would occur as if by divine inspiration? Zangief might have had an interesting back story, but see how if I mash this button really quickly you don’t have an opportunity to get up and therefore I win? The shift could be providing options for single players, but also foreshadow that game developers and gamers are taking more moral accountability for the violence that they engage with.”

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Fantastical Dirty Deeds


Sometimes you just need to escape – escape from the necessity for realism. Sometimes you just don’t want the dried, crusty blood to tarnish your sword as a shocking reminder of the real consequences of the game that you play. Sometimes you want a break. Sometimes you want to remember the magic.

Sometimes you want to achieve this without having to play Mario. Again.

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Let’s Work Together!


Continuing on from my post about togetherness, you may be interested to look at my Raptr account and note that there are several Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs) included in my collection. On the outset, I sound a bit hypocritical – for a girl who professes the enjoyment of playing games alone, some people may be confused as to why I engage with the MMORPG genre at all, where the most ideal gameplay requires prosocial tendencies. Of course, World of Warcraft is one of these games, and people will notice that, despite playing with one character for over three years, Melysande has remained a stagnant Level 50 dranei hunter for quite a few months.

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