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I am all for harnessing powers for good. So I’m putting aside my usual rambling to post about this cool new anthology that has been making the rounds of the interwebs for the last few days.

See, the internet has this funny way of bringing people together, and forcing them to utilise their best assets. Renae De Liz seems to be on the same wavelength. This has resulted in Womanthology - a graphic novel that’s going to highlight the talents of noteworthy comic creators, while also providing a safehaven for women who are new to the comic book community.

This is something that I am really looking forward to – not as an ingrained feminist, but as someone who truly believes in education through networking, scaffolding and feedback. Technology has shaped the new global community, and this project is taking full advantage of that through its charitable goals (proceeds from the anthology will go to the Global Giving Foundation), and accessibility to a few of the big names in comics (such as Gail Simone, Trina Robbins, and Devin Grayson). It’s a brilliant idea, and hopefully it’s going to be a nice little safehaven for industry newbies.

It is expected that Womanthology will be the rebirth of Wimmin’s Comix, which stopped publishing in 1992.

I’ve already pledged to get a copy of the anthology and the accompanying art book. These are scheduled to be released just before Christmas this year.

I’m just going to sit in the corner and squee for a while. You, go donate. Now.

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