In between my adventures as a clumsy siren in Borderlands 2, I have also been dosing myself with shots of MMORPG through Guild Wars 2. I have been loving every minute of it. A mini review for those who populate the crevices on the edge of civilisation: Guild Wars 2 a nice alternative to World of Warcraft. Graphics are nice. Classes are interesting. You can pick up the storyline when you want, level capping makes every area a good challenge, and people are ridiculously cooperative. It is a game that I can pick up and grind for about 30 minutes and be on my away to another level. (I’m on level 25. Yes, this demonstrates that I have been busy).

But more importantly, this is the first time that I have actually played an MMORPG with other people.

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Vault Hunting


It seems in my life as a gaming lady, I constantly have to keep apologising for all of the games that I have missed out on while I was doing other interesting things like … finishing a university degree, or … learning how to braid my hair. So it is refreshing when I say with all of the pride in my heart:

I make no apologies for not playing the first Borderlands. Not. A. Single. Apology.

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Reading Furiously


I have discovered there is such a thing as “reading furiously”.

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