Let’s Work Together!


Continuing on from my post about togetherness, you may be interested to look at my Raptr account and note that there are several Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs) included in my collection. On the outset, I sound a bit hypocritical – for a girl who professes the enjoyment of playing games alone, some people may be confused as to why I engage with the MMORPG genre at all, where the most ideal gameplay requires prosocial tendencies. Of course, World of Warcraft is one of these games, and people will notice that, despite playing with one character for over three years, Melysande has remained a stagnant Level 50 dranei hunter for quite a few months.

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Review: Neverwinter Nights


I met my best friend when I was fourteen years old. We were both daughters of entomologists who had worked together for years, so Jess and I knew each other ever since we were toddlers. However, we only discovered our bond of friendship in our early teens. In one moment, we realised that we both enjoyed The X-Files and high fantasy fiction by Sara Douglass.

Because, apparently, this is how young girls discover their best friends…

Fourteen years later and we have traversed continents, careers, and creative pursuits. We have laughed over our childhood Conspiracies Incorporated, our dalliances with significant others, but there is still one memory that stays with me – the day that Jess introduced me to Neverwinter Nights.

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Moral Perfectionism


“Am I living as I am supposed to?”

It was with this question on my mind that I walked into the studio with my friend Jacki about five weeks ago. For Jacki, this was a routine call – she is well versed in the particulars of body art, and had researched to find the best tattoo artist that we could find in Brisbane that would accommodate our designs and ideas.

All I had to do was come up with the design.

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Ready To Begin Again


See, I’ve started to read comic books. Again.

It all started innocently enough, really. Two years ago. It just hasn’t really surfaced until … now.

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Following up on my article regarding the exploratory nature of my favourite little Zen-like games such as Tiny Wings and The Undergarden, it was brought to my attention that I had made a few glaring omissions in this arena that I should correct to regain credibility.

So, as a pseudo-birthday present, a friend of mine installed Flower on my PS3. Whereupon I proceeded to cry and squeal like a small child who has this awkward awareness that she shouldn’t run under a sprinkler naked, but goddamn it she wants to do it anyway because it is FUN.

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