Fantastical Dirty Deeds


Sometimes you just need to escape – escape from the necessity for realism. Sometimes you just don’t want the dried, crusty blood to tarnish your sword as a shocking reminder of the real consequences of the game that you play. Sometimes you want a break. Sometimes you want to remember the magic.

Sometimes you want to achieve this without having to play Mario. Again.

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Vault Hunting


It seems in my life as a gaming lady, I constantly have to keep apologising for all of the games that I have missed out on while I was doing other interesting things like … finishing a university degree, or … learning how to braid my hair. So it is refreshing when I say with all of the pride in my heart:

I make no apologies for not playing the first Borderlands. Not. A. Single. Apology.

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Following up on my article regarding the exploratory nature of my favourite little Zen-like games such as Tiny Wings and The Undergarden, it was brought to my attention that I had made a few glaring omissions in this arena that I should correct to regain credibility.

So, as a pseudo-birthday present, a friend of mine installed Flower on my PS3. Whereupon I proceeded to cry and squeal like a small child who has this awkward awareness that she shouldn’t run under a sprinkler naked, but goddamn it she wants to do it anyway because it is FUN.

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Flying on Tiny Wings


Gun-toting, beating-the-world-up, first-person-to-kick-ass-is-me games? Well, I could take them or leave them. I am more of an exploratory gamer that passes on the fists to solve different puzzles.

Maybe that is why Tiny Wings spoke to me.

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Reel Art: PS3 “Kids”


Ah, Playstation. You are the proverbial packhorse of this generation’s consoles. And let’s face it – Sony has been in the wars recently, culminating in a month-long shutdown for the Playstation Network.

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