Fantastical Dirty Deeds


Sometimes you just need to escape – escape from the necessity for realism. Sometimes you just don’t want the dried, crusty blood to tarnish your sword as a shocking reminder of the real consequences of the game that you play. Sometimes you want a break. Sometimes you want to remember the magic.

Sometimes you want to achieve this without having to play Mario. Again.

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Let’s Work Together!


Continuing on from my post about togetherness, you may be interested to look at my Raptr account and note that there are several Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs) included in my collection. On the outset, I sound a bit hypocritical – for a girl who professes the enjoyment of playing games alone, some people may be confused as to why I engage with the MMORPG genre at all, where the most ideal gameplay requires prosocial tendencies. Of course, World of Warcraft is one of these games, and people will notice that, despite playing with one character for over three years, Melysande has remained a stagnant Level 50 dranei hunter for quite a few months.

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In between my adventures as a clumsy siren in Borderlands 2, I have also been dosing myself with shots of MMORPG through Guild Wars 2. I have been loving every minute of it. A mini review for those who populate the crevices on the edge of civilisation: Guild Wars 2 a nice alternative to World of Warcraft. Graphics are nice. Classes are interesting. You can pick up the storyline when you want, level capping makes every area a good challenge, and people are ridiculously cooperative. It is a game that I can pick up and grind for about 30 minutes and be on my away to another level. (I’m on level 25. Yes, this demonstrates that I have been busy).

But more importantly, this is the first time that I have actually played an MMORPG with other people.

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Vault Hunting


It seems in my life as a gaming lady, I constantly have to keep apologising for all of the games that I have missed out on while I was doing other interesting things like … finishing a university degree, or … learning how to braid my hair. So it is refreshing when I say with all of the pride in my heart:

I make no apologies for not playing the first Borderlands. Not. A. Single. Apology.

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Review: Diablo 3


When identifying as a lifelong game enthusiast, I believe it is important to acknowledge the foundations that developed our critical appreciation of this entertainment medium. In particular, Diablo allowed me to embrace the nostalgic memories of my teenage years, when I dabbled in the real-time strategy releases of Blizzard’s other major franchise, Warcraft. At the time I remember my longing to learn more about the stories of the night elves, taking the delegated “heroes” and leading them on their own quests through Azeroth. I wanted them to explore the world – make their own adventures, not just wait around for the next peasant to construct a farm for them or for the next knight to fall into line.

Looking back, I have to be kind to that naive, teenage Sarah. I didn’t know any better. I just wanted my games to tell stories that was beyond those 16-bit cartridges and CDs that predefined their environment. It seemed as if games could not move beyond three distinct categories: “run”, “explore”, and “build inordinate amounts of shit and wreck havoc”.

At the time, I did not know much about Diablo, and I think that was my biggest failing. Because, while Diablo 3 is the sequel that has been a decade in the making, it is also the game I wish Blizzard had created when I was a young gamer. It would have been a melding of all of the above categories, in a genre that I could appreciate. It would have rocked my world.

Maybe that is why it rocked my world now.

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